Potato Soup Weather

Yesterday, was the first really good rain we’ve had since June… fall has arrived. On our front porch, my shoes collected pools of water which I failed to notice until my socks were absorbing it and my feet were cold. It was great! The perfect day to stay inside and do nothing.

Nothing is not what I did. Between the three loads of laundry, making dinner, O not napping at all and trying to do my homework- Wait! homework did you say?

Fall quarter started two weeks ago and I blithely signed up for 7hrs of online classes. I thought “Hey, they’re online and it’s community college, how hard could it be?” Right. BUT 7 credit hours means roughly 21hrs of TIME (and that’s if your skimpin’) and I dont have TIME. I dont even have time to take a shower everyday. I haven’t trimmed my toenails in over two weeks because there hasnt been a chance for me to do it. What was I thinking?! Becuase when I do have a spare moment -like now- there are about a hundred things I’d rather be doing, should be doing, need to be doing, than doing my homework.

Like yesterday, O was “napping” at this point less than 45min doesnt count but whatever. I was trying to quickly puree the rest of the potato soup to finish it up for dinner. I was almost done, and O woke up. I talked to him from the kitchen telling him I was almost finished, while I franticly scooped the last of the soup into the blender. He was getting increasingly upset and I was rushing more as I am not a fan of the Let  ’em Cry It Out theory, to each his (or her) own, but it doesnt work for me. One last batch to blend, stir it all together, then toss the dishes in the sink and Im done. He’s really starting to wail. I flip the blender on saying “Just a few more seconds Ossian” Famous last words. Potato soup goes EVERYWHERE! Places I didnt know potato soup could go. Shit. Now he’s full on crying -which he rarely does- I give up on the soup and retreat to the bedroom. When I pick him up, he smiles. I love him.

When I was pregnant and in school at WWU. I was waiting for the bus with a woman my age and her two year old son. We got to talking about school and how it was to be a mama in college. She said “At the end of the day, I’d rather be an A plus mom and a C plus student. Sometimes the paper is just going to be late, and sometimes I’m not going to have a chance to study for the quiz.”

And sometimes I’m just going to have potato soup all over my kitchen, and it’ll be okay.


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