Standing up, sleeping in, and drinking coffee

O has started pulling himself up to standing. He’s getting really good at it and he has even let go a couple of times and stayed standing for about half of a second.

When he’s not standing up, he is crawling over to us and pulling on our pant legs to be picked up. Then he likes to point at things he wants to see or touch … or put in his mouth.

S and I started a new coping skill for the sleep deprivation: Coffee. We also decided definitely only having one child.

That was yesterday morning.

Last night O went to bed at 8pm woke up at 1am was back to sleep at 2am and didnt wake up again until 6am.

Seriously?! Was he just waiting for us to say he would be an only child?

or was it the coffee?…

Foolishly as I laid him down for his nap today, I thought maybe this is it! Maybe now he’s going to sleep at night. 8 months suddenly doesn’t seem like so long to go without sleep… maybe I could do it again…


One thought on “Standing up, sleeping in, and drinking coffee

  1. yes, coffee can do wonders. You know it’s in Midol and other painkillers? It always did wonders for my cramps too :)

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