Full Moon

This is my second period in over four years…. I’ll allow that math to work around in your brain for a minute and add that I’ve only given birth to one child. In other words, my period is HIGHLY irregular, so to look down today as I was peeing and see red was a surprise though one I’ve come to expect unexpectedly… and as I was driving home I thought about how most women loathe this “time of the month.”

Earlier today a beautiful young woman sat down next to me and said: “It’s the first day of my period. I feel like a whale.” I get it. You don’t feel attractive because you are cramping, bloated, tired, spacey, etc. But I’ve realized that actually menstruation is totally sexy, and we as women have every right to feel desirous in this messy phase as much as we do during ovulation or anytime. The fact that you bleed means you are well nourished enough to carry a life inside of you. You are embodying the uniquely female power to create. Not only that but your body is refreshing itself so should you “incubate” a fertilized egg in your womb it will have fresh healthy tissue to grow in. How considerate of you.

I am not implying that everyone should go out and get pregnant or that the only use of one’s body is purely biological, but I am saying that as a woman who is bleeding you are not only a symbolic but also an actual representation of erotic potential manifested.

On your way to the bathroom to replace your tampon, you might just want to think about the amazingness that you possess in this very moment and smile at yourself in the mirror. It’s okay that you look a little tired and pale, you have the incredible ability to create and nurture life and that is sexy.


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