Ode to Texas

I want you so bad,
I will ignore your guns and confederate flag stickers,
I will even forgive you for Rick Perry.

Just let me lie down on your dry rocky earth and feel the warmth rise up into my body.

Penetrate me with your sun’s rays
until I am covered in sweat,
and I dissolve into nothing, evaporate in the heat of midday.

Let the vultures come and feast
until my pale glistening bones are all that remain, baking in the orange glow that I have forsaken for this grey dripping purgatory of blank stares and frozen fingers.

Send me back to Hell, where at least I will be warm.


2 thoughts on “Ode to Texas

  1. Oh please mama, this is beautiful and moving! I hope you will submit it to be published somewhere. And yes, it actually sounds like a vacation to Hell may be in order. We’re taking bets here as to how long it will take for the snow to melt off our garden. I’m going for May 13.

  2. Thank you, Rachel. Snow in May… I can’t comprehend it! I’ll pack you in my suitcase for my vacation :)

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