I miss you the most on Fridays

When I’m tired

When my son asks when you are ever going to come over again for a visit

When I get home from the week and I realize my house is a mess, the dishes are piled up in the sink, the laundry I never folded is still on the couch and my son is so excited to spend the evening with me but I have absolutely nothing left to give anyone

When all I want to do is collapse on the floor

When all I want to do is be still and quiet

Somehow you always made it seem possible to hold it together for just a few more hours until he went to bed

Somehow you gave me just enough of a break to be able to enjoy the time together by just being together

Somehow dinner would get made and somehow the things that never got put away during the week might even get cleaned up, but it didn’t really matter either way

Somehow I’d find myself laughing with you both, eating dinner, playing a board game, watching a movie, snuggling up for a bedtime story

And then having finally made it to the end of the day of another devastatingly long week, we could sit together on the couch in silence or talk about the ridiculous shenanigans of my students or make plans for the weekend

And tired didn’t feel so exhausting

And the stress of teaching didn’t feel so stressful

And the mess of my life didn’t feel so messy

I miss you the most on Fridays because you were the only person I ever let see me defeated

And you would just hold me

And everything would be okay.


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