In my life, writing has been a source of solace and comfort in difficult times. It has been a way for me to make sense of and find humor and humanity in the world. In Spanish there is a saying “No hay rosas sin espinas.” For me, this saying has multiple layers of meaning. It means that roses always come with thorns, but the thorns exaggerate the beauty of the flower in their stark contrast. It also serves as a reminder that life is not always fragrant colorful blossoms, sometimes it hurts. Life is both beautiful and delicate while also being painful and unyielding. It is ambiguous and complex.

My hope is that the sharing of my adventures in this “one wild and precious life” (Mary Oliver); my sometimes brutally honest and humble explorations in love and mothering, may inspire, nurture, amuse and uplift you. At the very least, may they serve as a reminder that you are not alone.

Thank you for reading.

with love and gratitude,



2 thoughts on “About

  1. I’ve had the opportunity to read through some of your posts. Afterwards I’m more inclined to call it a privilege. You tell the truth, and do not settle for less. It’s a very special thing, a lot of writers struggle to do for years, and I loved hearing you tell it.

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