I stopped watching NetFlix

I stopped watching Netflix and started watching TED Talks and it was the best decision I ever made. That sounds good, right? Noble even. The truth is I needed something to distract myself from my sorrow after my break-up. I’ve been keeping myself busy with exercise. They say it’s a good idea to take up […]

Wrap me up

She was supposed to be here this week. I keep thinking about that. I thought of her this evening. We were sitting outside on our tiny porch enjoying our dinner made from the last of the food in the fridge, impressed that I had made it stretch that far, especially with my son’s appetite. The […]

10 minutes

I read Yummy Mummy Manifesto recently, well parts of it anyway.  I liked it eventhough some of her suggestions must be for people with much larger incomes than mine. Her “cheap” decorating ideas for the nursery were pretty pricey, but she lives in Manhattan so I dont think she can help it. One thing the author suggests […]